Michael Stornello

With nearly seven years of experience on a significant collection of interior design projects at Vincere, Michael brings his passion and his perseverance to every client assignment. Each finished design reveals this enthusiasm. He is committed to making sure that every project retains its own essence, with an ongoing dedication to sourcing new products, as well as distinctive antiques and vintage pieces. While each project may reflect its own sensibility, a firm grounding in the fundamentals of design, including proportion, space, texture and light, is a unifying feature and a hallmark of Vincere’s designs. Prior to founding Vincere, Michael served as Executive Vice President, Development, for King World Productions (now CBS Television Distribution).

Tom Konopiots

Now in his fourth year at Vincere, Ltd., Tom has worked on a wide range of upscale residential projects of varying scope. True to the Vincere mission, he focuses on client individuality, and translating this individuality into a residence that fits the client perfectly. With great attention to detail, Tom employs a creative approach to all design requirements and challenges. With experience developing luxury single-family homes in Chicago, he has a deep understanding of how floor plans, furniture layouts, and finish choices interact, and he uses this knowledge to compose a cohesive, collected, and handsome home. Prior to joining Vincere, Tom held positions as COO and CEO of two futures brokerage companies. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.